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How We Work

Aqua Moving Services makes the corporate removals management process so much easier: For HR departments and their assignees. Before, during and after any move.

We’re time-saving. An assignee won’t have to take time off work to let several removal companies in to conduct a contents assessment as Aqua carries out just one comprehensive pre move survey/home visit. We then negotiate with several of our quality focussed moving partners at both origin and destination locations to secure the best cost for each sector. We will then review and collate all of the specific rates to compile the 3 most cost effective door to door quotes. These quotes will then be forwarded to you in a single one page cost comparison summary.

Typically, the turnaround between an Aqua HR instruction to removal company engagement is halved when compared with conventional methods.

We’re independent. Our increased global buying-power enables us to negotiate with our carefully-selected corporate removal partners , move-by-move. We obtain exceptional rates for our clients, securing significant savings on their international move costs and significant savings on transit insurance premiums.

We’re cost-conscious. Aqua will provide HR with a door-to-door all-inclusive cost and service to meet the exact requirements of their assignee.

We’re communicative. An assigned international move manager will consistently give HR and their assignee as much or as little information on their removal as they require: By report, by phone or by email…

We’re in control. From the moment we’re instructed, we’ll track, quality-control and report on every element of a corporate move.

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