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Everyone in the global mobility sectors knows just how much costs can rapidly stack up when planning and executing global relocations for their clients. There can be numerous potential pitfalls of unexpected costs, and one of the most important tasks that global mobility experts carry out is to keep costs low for their clients.

Certain steps in the relocation process can be streamlined, and whilst it may take a little extra work, a few extra steps can bring significant long term savings for the company.

One of the best ways to save money is to organise events in the right way. It’s important to plan, estimate, review and evaluate the whole way through the relocation process, enabling you to outline which areas would benefit from a cost saving exercise.

Another simple way to save money when planning global relocations is to find and work with good partners. Rather than using several different providers for each of your relocations, find reliable and efficient partners and stick with them. Partnering in this way can provide benefits in the long-term such as discounted services and also increased efficiency, as terms of service are organised by yourself and the partners.

Clearview Relocation is a privately owned independent relocation company with over 20 years of experience in supplying relocation services to the corporate relocation industry and the world’s leading Relocation Management Companies. Clearview can offer you a customised approach to policy along with practical guidance on how to deliver that perfect relocation package. We have a proven track record for personal, professional, high-quality services for individual moves, group moves and high capacity clients.

Aqua Moving Services, sister company to Clearview Relocation, are visionaries in delivering a new approach to provide accurate cost estimates and independently managed worldwide relocations. Aqua Moving Services is a completely independent international removals management company, committed to working with only the most reputable, experienced and quality-focused industry leaders to provide international removals, shipping and global mobility solutions.

To find out more about Clearview Relocation or Aqua Moving Services, contact us on /

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