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About Aqua

About Aqua

20 years of senior level experience
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About Aqua

Aqua Moving Services is a totally independent international removals management company operating in the UK, Europe and in the rest of the world.

Aqua Moving Services is built on 20 years of senior-level experience, knowledge and expertise in the international corporate removals industry. Noting a gap in the marketplace, our vision was to take that collective heritage and create a very different kind of removals organisation: One that would independently manage the entire removals process for corporate HR departments. We did just that…

Today, we provide an end-to-end service that not only moves corporate assignees effectively, but also offers the most competitive removals and insurance rates in the global marketplace. If required, our capabilities can be further strengthened by working with our international relocation partners, to support every aspect of a corporate relocation – from initial home and school-search, right through to cultural integration.

Our international move managers and co-ordinators have all lived and worked overseas at some point. So they really understand the practical, emotional and operational aspects of making a move.

Our clients today are blue-chip, multi-national and international organisations. Many of our client relationships started several years ago, before Aqua even began. Equally, our fully-accredited international moving partners have been working alongside our team for two decades.

So how does Aqua revolutionise the way that its clients move their assignees?

  • We cut through the complexity of the removals lifecycle. Our single comprehensive pre move survey at the assignee’s home gives us all that we need to know to obtain several competitive quotes from our international moving partners. Assignees needn’t do anything else.
  • We make life easier for HR… With just one removals cost comparison summary. This allows them to easily make their selection – with our experience and independent guidance.
  • We build client, assignee and partner relationships that last: From move-to-move.

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